Welcome to Rutgers Army ROTC


Home of the Scarlet Knight Battalion

Welcome to the Rutgers University Army ROTC Scarlet Knight Battalion! Army ROTC has a long-standing tradition at Rutgers. Many of our Alumni have gone on to serve our nation both in country and abroad with distinction and honor. The Scarlet Knight Battalion's mission is to commission officers into the United States Army as Second Lieutenants who will go on to serve our country in the Regular Active Army, National Guard or Reserves.

Army ROTC offers students the opportunity to learn and grow in a variety of ways. The Army ROTC program challenges each cadet in the battalion in both indoor and outdoor settings; cadets participate in classroom instruction while also engaging in world class physical fitness training, land navigation/orienteering, rifle marksmanship and other military activities. Cadets learn management and leadership skills not available in other University programs. Army ROTC contributes to a variety of leadership skills applicable to any profession, career or job, while instilling in each cadet a sense of confidence, discipline, and personal responsibility. Moreover, each cadet gains the satisfaction of being part of a select group of Americans dedicated to support and defend the US Constitution and serve the Nation.

Inbound Student Bulletin

Inbound Cadets, Greetings! I'm pleased to welcome you to the Scarlet Knight Battalion. This is the first of several updates we will send between now and your August arrival at Rutgers. This bulletin will not only provide some pertinent insights about Army ROTC but also facilitate your integration into our program. Ideally, the information provided in this newsletter will answer many of the commonly asked questions while addressing the most significant concerns raised by prospects and their families. Indeed, be mindful that some of information included may not be applicable to your specific situation. While the end of the school year is cause for celebration, please be safe over the summer. We look forward to meeting you, and wish you all the best as you pursue your various endeavors.

- Javier A. Cortez, Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army, Professor of Military Science

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